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Fee Structure (More Value)

Hourly Rate


The vast majority of our engagements are billled on a standard rate per hour basis (plus out-of-pocket expenses),  CBAS provides full transparency for hourly rate engagements, and we generate more value for our clients by:


  1. Offering a standard rate per hour of up to 20% - 60% less than other boutique firms, large consulting firms and the Big Four Accounting firms

  2. Completing projects within smaller time budgets by using only highly qualified experts

  3. Eliminating time charges for "on the job" training and evaluations of inexperienced staff

  4. Removing charges for "administrative" or "overhead" costs which can directly or indirectly increase overall rate per hour

  5. Never charging for prior research and development or "value-added" time allocations


We have implemented controls for documenting and certifying all time charged, and we bill our clients only for the time spent directly on their engagement.

Fixed Fee


Certain well defined projects, recurring engagements, or risk based engagements may be billed at an agreed upon fixed fee or with a maximum billing cap (plus out-of-pocket expenses).


Typical fixed fee engagements include:


  • Opinion letters

  • Employee communications sessions

  • Valuations

  • Reasonable compensation assessments

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